St. Urban is a true El Dorado for hiking, horseback riding and mountain biking

saubere BergluftBreathe the fresh and clean air of the mountains. Enjoy the idyllic scenery, a variety of sporting options, and pure relaxation amidst the natural beauty of the Central Carinthian lakes region. Discover the lovely scenery and original culture of this region on nearly 100 kilometres of marked trails. You have a choice between six different trails ranging from 8 to 28 kilometres in length.




The impressive cultural heritage, such as the Gothic Parish Church, Bach Castle, Klein Gradenegg Church, Hoch St. Paul Church, the Dobra moor where a rare kind of Nordic Birch can be found and, of course, Mithras rock and the pristine nature and wildlife of the area will let you discover the uniqueness of the St. Urban region.


Gotsche PfarrkircheWandern, Musik


Whether you enjoy hiking, horseback riding or mountain biking, St. Urban offers all of its guests the ideal conditions for an unforgettable holiday in Carinthia. Our hosts are already looking forward to providing you with the perfect feel-good holiday.